Monday, September 17, 2012


This past weekend, I received news that broke my heart. One of my favorites in this world died in a motorcycle accident.  Scrolling through his facebook page, you know that he was important to a lot of people.

You should be so lucky to get a nickname from him.
Poopearski (earski, or ear or ski for short)
Sweatpant Eagle Talon Tail
Tory Jean
Old Crusty Mouth
He was a lover AND a fighter
He was funny
He was stylish in his own right
He was a secret keeper
He had a mustache for every season
He was inappropriate
He was feisty
He was approachable
He was a presence
He was unpredictable
He was charming
He had a contagious laugh
He had a story for everything
He was wild
He was mellow
He was trouble
He was loyal
He was loved
And I know God Loved Clayton
because on the day that He took him
it was September - the most beautiful month in Minnesota
he had love in his house
he had the wind in his hair
and he didn't suffer
He is my friend
And he is loved.

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  1. So beautiful and perfect. Always love your writing and heart. Love you!