Monday, November 28, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Art Project

It's not like I just sit around and obsess about things. But now that the whole kitchen bar stools obsession is taken care of, I have kind of moved my focus onto this huge bare wall that my desk faces. And taking the que from my little Tazmanian Artist, I decided to do my own art project last week.

About 6 months ago, my BFF pointed out this project on some blog (maybe it was Hi SugarPlum?) that was made out of empty toilet paper rolls.  The gal just cut up some toilet paper rolls, glued the pieces together to make a "flower" and then glued them onto a canvas and then spray painted the whole thing white.  I figured this was something I could actually do, so I started saving those rolls.

Since this isn't really a How-To-Craft Blog, I won't go into the step by step. And I think that if you Google Hi SugarPlum you would find the how-to details there. But, here's my finished project:

(this desk here is where the creative magic happens. cough cough)

 ( a little bit closer now)

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  1. I totally love it! We need more art on our walls here too. I finally just got one of my photographs on canvas and hung that up...hello Tracy photographer...HANG your pictures. :-) That looks were always good at crafty stuff. Remember our Doug pictures??? tee hee.