Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Crazy Mommas

Sometimes when your man goes to Mexico for a week,
you come up with crazy plans to make the time go faster.  

Like planning a nice camping trip with your girlfriend. To be one with nature....
It doesn't sound crazy at all,
until you mention the part about taking 5 kids all 5 years old and younger.
During the planning part, we thought about roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.
We didn't think about the impromptu game of Whack-a-Mole with flaming palm branches.

During the planning stage, I thought about my days as a camp counselor, ending a long day with a quiet session of vespers. I thought of the times I shared my dreams and fears with campers and co-workers as we settled in for the night.
We shared our fears alright.
"Do you think that thing making noise outside the cabin is something we should worry about when we have to go to the bathroom?"
"How are we going to get these people to sleep?"

 We thought the whole thing might have been a bad idea as we tried to convince our
half sleeping, screaming, 3 year olds to pee in the very dark, very ominous woods.

But the morning came.

And hot chocolate and mini donuts by the fire erase all the doubts we had about coming here.

And we saw our wee little adventurers exploring.

and we thought,
maybe we aren't two crazy mommas after all.

10K Training Log: Week BlergcoughcoughBlerg

So. It's been a few weeks, right. It's not that I didn't want to keep you posted on how my training has progressed. But life happens. Things come up like...your partner in crime (read the other guy raising the children) had a week's hiatus in Mexico.  So let's just do a mini re-cap of what happened the last two weeks.

Week Two: Week two was very similar to week one. I ran 3 times and did a spin class. I ate really well all week. I resisted the urge to buy any Halloween candy. Then at the end of the week, my girlfriend had a Tastefully Simple party and before you know it, I was eating my weight in cream-based dips and cake and bread.  The next day, when the children weren't looking, I ate all the good chocolates out of their pumpkin buckets.

Week Three:  All bets were off.  When Troy departed for Mexico he left me a care package to help survive the week. There was a one pound bag of peanut M&M's in there. The children didn't even see the bag because it was gone two days after I opened them.  To end the week, my girlfriend and I took our children camping. Here I ate more than my fair share of s'more fixin's and 14 of the 16 chocolate donuts that were meant for breakfast.  I ran once during the week. It was brutal.

It is amazing that during the course of the two weeks of not tracking my food intake, and basically just eating whatever, I didn't gain any weight. This is a miracle. So, after saying a little prayer of Thanks, and having my better half home, I am back to grindstone.  (It is important to note that as I type this I am eating the last of the chocolate bars left over from s'mores.)