Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post Lent Post

Looking back on this Lenten Season I realized that I found myself thinking more about my blessings by writing letters to my friends and family, than I have in the past by giving something up. 

I wrote to people I haven't spoken to in years. I spent time thinking about how those people affected my life.  It so easy to use hindsight to see why our paths crossed.

I wrote to people that were sick and then I took stock in prayer.

I wrote to people who were broken hearted and found myself wrapped in hope.

I wrote about the weather and about grandparents visiting and doctor appointments and anxieties and was grateful for the outlet.

I wrote about funny memories and felt joy.

All that being said...I only wrote about 25 out of my 40 letters. I don't really like to give excuses because I always have that  "Jesus died for you and you can't quit drinking diet pop for a month?" mentality.  So instead of going on about how I was too busy packing for our move (only down the street) to write letters, I am just going to finish another 15 letters.  I have 15 people slated out, but if you'd like one (or another one) just give a shout out.  I love sending real mail just about as much as I love getting it, so if I end up with another 40 more...well the more the merrier.

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