Monday, April 30, 2012

My American Dream

I don't want to jinx anything by divulging wishes...but I don't think it will hurt anything by telling you that for the last 10 years of my life, anytime there was an eyelash to blow off a finger, a shooting star, or birthday candles to blow out, I have made the same wish.  I know you're probably very curious as to what a gal could wish for night after night, year after year. But seriously, I don't think I can tell you.

What's that? You'll be my best friend if I tell you? Hmmm. Tempting. But, since I seem to actually be getting my wish...what's the saying...don't mess with a good thing.

What's that? You just have to know? And you promise to send me real mail if I'll just give you one single clue? Oh, I feel so cheap! But OK.

Here's your clue:

This weekend our little family went to the beach. We have our own beach umbrella now. (The only significance being that this mean we aren't tourists anymore.)  Anyway, I sat under that very colorful umbrella with Bear Cub at my feet. My Chef and The Taz were in the ocean hopping over waves. I didn't have one panic attack that my children were going to get ripped away; forever in the clutches of the sea.  Upon departure, no one cried or fought or told me I was mean. 

When we returned home, The Taz ran outside to find that our new neighbor is also her classmate. They played in the adjoining backyards with bubble makers and pots of dirt for over an hour. My Chef and I took turns keeping an eye on them while burgers were flipped on the grill.  I didn't have one panic attack that a gator was going to climb out of the pond to chomp on my babies fat thighs. When it was time, I yelled out the backdoor "RYLEEEEE. DINNER'S READY"   (It was my first time. And it was everything I had hoped for.)

Our day was filled with moments that movie makers use for their closing scenes. Everyone is happy. The sun is shining.  People are laughing and eating and going about their lives like it one big carefree vacation.  And while that is way more specific than my wish, it's exactly what I've always asked for.


  1. Beyond beautiful Rue. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ahh Roo. You're a good Roo. Love Rue.