Friday, May 4, 2012

Stink Hole

It's been a very exciting couple of days here.  Here's how it started:

Loading up the car to head to The Club, it felt as if we are under alien attack. No, it's just 3 news choppers flying over our house. Wait. THREE NEWS CHOPPERS.  I wondered if there was a hostage situation, or dead body or a rabid warthog running in the neighborhood.

I gathered the children up and rushed out of the house. (I was late for my class) By the time we were pulling out of the drive, a police car had blocked off the street across from us. My path out of the development was clear, so I took off like white lightening. (At a respectable speed of 25 mph. I don't need to PoPo chasing me down for a speeding ticket when they should have their sights, and tazer guns, aimed on the rabid-hostage-holding warthogs.)

I do what any girl from a small town does when she isn't close to a TV. I called people. I asked them to turn on the news. In my calmest this-is-more-exciting-than-Shaquille O'Neal-randomly-showing-up-at-The Club-to workout-with-me* voice, I explain to My People on the phone that there are helicopters and police in my 'hood. Perhaps too loudly we pontificated if there was a dead body and how we are so so glad we activated the security system in our house.

I got the first text before I had even exited our development. Giant Sink Hole. I say it out loud. "Ooohh. It's a giant sink hole. That's way better than a hostage situation."  From the backseat, The Taz says "What's a stink hole? Does it smell like feet. Can we go see it. I want a stink hole."

It's hard to tell- but this hole got to 100 feet across. Photo Courtesy of News 13.

We got to The Club and went about our business. After my workout, I picked up the children from the kid's club and The Director asks me if everything is OK at home. "Why, yes. What's going on?"  Apparently after dropping off the children, Dear Sweet Bear Cub told one of the staff members that she was sad because "My daddy dead." 

This is not our first attempt to traumatize the children.

Later that night, Troy took The Taz over to get a glimpse of the action. They got a mini-tour of one of the news vans and the kind camera man gave her a bag of silly bands and an official News 13 pencil. According to the pencil- they are Severe Weather Experts. I don't know what that has to do with sink holes. But there you have it.

So between all of the therapy, explaining the difference between a stink hole and a sink hole, trying to get interviewed on TV and just plain rubber neckin', it's been an eventful day and a half. 

*Shaquille O'Neal has never randomly shown up at The Club to work out with me. But you could imagine my voice should that ever happen, which is in the realm of possibilities now that he is retired and lives one zip code over.

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  1. lol sad because "my daddy dead" poor baby! And stink hole. love it.