Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Night Before Dread

The Good Ear

So, my precious Tazmanian has an MRI this Friday afternoon. It was the first available appointment we could get when we booked it almost THREE MONTHS ago. It's no big deal, really. I guess. So I've been telling myself, anyway.  Long anti-climatic story made short,  she has hearing loss in her left ear. The MRI will give us a better idea of what's going on in there. 

We feel thankful that nothing has been affected. Her speech and language skills are excellent. Her school scores keep improving, so we know she doesn't have any trouble in a classroom environment. We just keep praying that the hearing loss was from an early childhood ear infection, and not something that will keep deteriorating.  The only time we notice that she may not be able to hear us- is in situations like this:

Which, come on. If I were 4 and in this situation, all I would hear would be the little horned guy on my shoulder chanting "Get the dry people wet."

So, we have to have the MRI.  With Sedation.  (If you've ever read about The Taz, then you know that sedation is a must if she is to sit still for any longer than 38 seconds. )

Anyway, what has been "no big deal" for three months is now giving me IBS (irritable bowl syndrome - sorry).  I was reading through the material and I don't get to be there for most of it. No hand holding during the scary needle. A bunch of strangers in gowns and masks. A big loud machine and a tiny little space. Having to hold still. Potential use of straps. (I didn't read that part, but that along with other terror inducing images keep popping in my head.)  Potentially no WOOBY. 

On the inside I feel like this:

But on the outside, I am trying to be like this:

So if you have a few minutes tomorrow and feel like talking to The Big Man, we wouldn't mind a few prayers for a smooth experience.


  1. I can't help you with the worry about the procedure part because let's face it every mom would be just a bit freaked about that! But I will pray. Also...don't know if you remember but Cameron is COMPLETELY deaf in his right ear...and always has been (but we didn't know until he was 4). It has never slowed him down! But you are all in my prayers and, Nikki, it will all be okay!

    1. MA- I actually think of Cam every time we go to the audiologist. It totally calms me down when I start to get worked up. Thank you for the extra prayers. Love you.