Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's birthday month.

MY Birthday month to be exact.

OK, OK.... It's Maggie's birthday month too.

She's officially going to be 3 years old. A lot changes in the year from age 2 to 3. We've said goodbye to Orajel, and The Nuk and DIAPERS (woot woot) and the crib and - gasp - even the toddler bed. 

Throwing The Nuk Away

Outgrowing both the jammies and the crib
No more counting Maggie as a carry-on item.

We're even saying goodbye to the term Toddler. "Momma, I still a toller?" "Yep, just for a few more days. Then you'll be a PRESCHOOLER." "Ooooh, it's soo essighting."

This could be the Prozac talking...or the promise of two weeks worth of cakes and cookies coming our way, but things do get easier. We're saying hello to more and more friends, and getting involved in more activities, and laughing just a little bit louder.

I think she even has her first "boyfriend" EEK!
Meet Ralphie. Maggie's Man Friend.

Happy Birthday Sweet Bear Cub

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