Thursday, May 17, 2012

A conversation about God

Let me set the scene:

We were in the car, eating our picnic lunch on the way to school because I was a social butterfly at The Club and lost track of time, so a leisurely lunch at the park was not a possibility.  Upon opening her sandwich box Maggie notices a hole in her bread. One of those natural holes that happens, and you have to spread the peanut butter over it, otherwise the jelly spooges out.

Maggie(in her tired whiny voice):  Momma. There's a hole in my samich!

Rylee (in her most chipper voice): It's OK Maggie. That's just the way God made it.

Maggie (all out crying): Momma! God poke a hole in my samich!!! 

Rylee (very inquisitive): Mom, why did God poke a hole in Maggie's sandwich?

Me: Uhhhhhh. Look girls - A fire truck.

1 comment:

  1. I seriously am cracking up. "Momma! God poke a hole in my samich!!" lol