Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Artist Graduates

So, my Taz graduated pre-kindergarten this afternoon.
It was a Luau themed ceremony.
Instead of caps and gown, they had Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and lays.

That was real nice.

So were the two songs they sang afterward.

(Disclosure- this is the kind of video that only a parent or relative will really love. Admittedly, if the camera were pointed at another kid, I would probably watch 18 seconds of this...IF I even pushed play to begin with.) 

So, this is one of those times as a parent you expect yourself to be filled with emotions. I mean really, all the singing and Hawaiian bowing and the hip shaking and whatnot. But, I can't say I was moved to tears.  Was I filled with real joy? Yes. Did my cheeks hurt from smiling so big? Yes.
Did I have to discreetly brush tears from my cheeks? No.

That is, until later in the party.
Mr. Bill (Mrs. Connie's (the teacher) dad who helps two days a week and is apparently a lover /student of the arts) pulled me aside and said that he noticed what a great artist my princess is. That out of all 40 students, she has the most skills. That I should encourage her love of art. Painting and drawing and coloring. My inner wanna-be-starving-artist-wearing-a-pair-of-overalls-and-a-paintbrush-for-a-hair-clip cried out "YES!"   My fear, that we would not understand on another as we graduate each stage of life, diminished. She may not understand my humor, but we can speak in canvases and brushstrokes.  She, the fighter, and me, the lover will be able to bond with paints and scissors and glue.

I thanked Mr. Bill and said something about having cupcake in my eye as my heart burst right open.

Congratulations my sweet Tazmanian Artist

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