Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sea World

I'm one of those people who cry when they laugh. Real tears. The waterworks also start to flow when I am super excited. This is a real detriment when playing The Laughing Game. My Mudda and I invented it. The rules are to fake laugh with someone until there are tears because you are laughing so hard. It was originally designed to bring a person out of their funk. I tried this tactic on my good friend Tracy of Breezy Point once. That's a completely different story though, so I will save it for tomorrow.

I've gotten so off point that I don't even know how to work my way back to my original story. So, I will just say this: We took the wee ones to Sea World last weekend and took in a dolphin show. I had tears in my eyes from the minute we sat down.

 Look at him down there. I think we may get wet.

He's so huge, that I have to pronounce Huge without the H.

 Seriously. How many times did she try this before she got it right?

This is what she was riding. AHhhhh!

Here come the waterworks. 8 majestic animals soaring through the air!

And the finale.
I was so glad everyone was taking pictures or eyes looking in the at the trapeze artists and flying parrots.
Because I was busy drying my stupid leaky eyes.

We are getting a season pass.

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