Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pet Peeves

Tuesday's List:
Things The Taz and Bear Cub do that would be pet peeves if anyone else in the
world did them, except when they do them I am totally in love.

(also- I realize that today may not be Tuesday to the rest of the world, but in Casa de la Crazy, it's List Day)

1. Breathe really hot breath in my face in the morning.

2. Touch food on my plate.

3. Chew with their mouths open / make really loud slurpy smacky noises when eating.

4. Invade my personal space and speak to me with our noses touching.

5. "Break wind" while sitting on my lap (on purpose) and then get the giggles.

6. Talk on and on and on and on with no regard to any of my input to the conversation.

7. Sneeze right on my very clean shirt first thing in the morning, and then get the giggles.

8. Fake Hug. (I'll take any hug from those two. Fake or Not)

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