Sunday, January 23, 2011

Triple Threat

I got served the triple threat by my three year old tonight. It went like this:

(As she lay in bed, me sitting on the floor next to her)

Her: Momma, can I see your jewelry box?

Me: Maybe tomorrow. Shhsss. It's time to sleep.

Her: HEY! You said "shhsss" That's not very nice!

Me: Ok. but I said it nicely. Time to quiet down.

Fast forward three seconds-

Her: (with hands clasped) Dear Lord, Please help Momma sleep and be quiet. Mom, I just prayed that you would sleep good so you could be nicer.

Me: Thank you.

Fast forward three more seconds-

Her: (singing) Momma your not very nice, but you are nice, you just shss'd me.  I hope you sleep good and not in a pile of rocks.

Me: Sing it sister.

Another three seconds later-

Her: (opening her imaginary cell phone) I'm calling my Momma's Momma. Hello? Yes. Momma just shsss'd me. I know. I told her that was not very nice. Ok. I'll see you tomorrow."

It's after conversations like this that I realize that I may just be along for the ride and no longer Co-captain of this ship.

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