Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I must say that I started my day out with a bang. I ate a healthy breakfast. On the way to school, The Taz made up a song that went "Momma you're a real stinker and I love you stinker." After that I RAN on the treadmill (take that you delicious batch of homemade cookies) for 8 whole minutes AND THEN I donated blood.

I was full of the love this morning. Feeling good about myself. Feeling like I was doing something in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. by blindly giving part of myself to someone in need. As a side note I was extremely pleased to learn that my donation could help up to THREE people.  And boy are those three people in for a real treat, because I took my fish oil vitamin and three ecinacea this morning.

Then the day wore on.  Then tub time rolled around. Then the bathroom was covered in water. Then I was covered in water. The more I said "stop," the worse it got. The two of them were laughing at me. I had no control.  And I lost it.

I knew I had to remove myself from the situation, so I took Bear Cub's diaper to the genie. It was full, so I emptied it. In the hallway I could hear The Taz conspiring "hurry before she gets back."  As I type this, I realize how stupid it was, but I kicked the bag full of diapers. And by "kicked" I mean I drew my leg back in the hopes of kicking it, only to bend my naked toe down because at the last minute it dawned on me that I wasn't wearing shoes and my toenails were overdue for a trimming. Wanting to avoid puncturing that particular bag, I ended up skidding my big toe on the carpet and cracking my toe-knuckle on what can be compared to a FEMA sandbag.

My Chef heard my rantings, and came to the rescue. He was looking at my feet and asking why my toe was bleeding. "Rug burn" was all I could muster. This was really not how I wanted to end my day. Thankfully, My Chef had made a huge batch of "puppy chow" and relieved me of my night on bedtime duty. Whew.

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