Friday, January 21, 2011

And I was runnnnnning

I like to describe people in terms of dogs. I don't know why. An example: if I were a dog, I would be the type of dog that would follow you where ever you went, as long as you had bacon in your pocket...or cinnamon rolls...or a one pound bag of peanut M&M's.  I digress.

For the past few weeks I have been doing my workout a few treadmills down from this "machine" of a woman. She's focused. She's fast. And even though she's a foot shorter and I probably outweigh her by 50 pounds, there is no doubt in my mind that I would lose any kind of match to her. If she were a dog, she'd totally be a greyhound. Graceful, no fat and not even out of breath after 3 miles of full on running.

Today was a busy morning at the Y. There was only one treadmill open and you guessed it, right next to her.  Normally I do not like to workout so close to her as it could adversely affect my ego. But having overcome a bit of a sinus infection and eating peanut butter for breakfast (Spinach to Popeye = Peanut Butter to Nikki) I feel up to the challenge. She is on my right. To my left is Mighty Aphrodite. She has me beat by a foot, but she is running like the Greyhound.

I get on the treadmill and stretch out. I normally don't like to stretch out in public (for fear my shirt my rise up and my ponch fall out, unless of course I am on the dance floor, but then again, I haven't been on a dance floor since the creation of the ponch, so ... I digress...again).  I exaggerate my stretching so they know I mean business. The Black Eyed Peas start singing something about "runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin'" so I do as they say.

A big stupid grin crosses my face as I am a minute into my run and I am keeping pace with the Greyhound and the Great Dane. I am feeling great. I am an actual competitor! I puff my chest out and start to run with a limp. A pimp limp that is!  I get the giggles about how I tried to run a 10k last year with absolutely no training whatsoever and "ran" for approximately one minute of the 122 minutes that I was on the road.  Look at me now! I am runnnning with real runners! I could feel the endorphins start to course through my elbows (I know, what a weird place).   I started to think that I should sign up for a fun run this year. That was about the same time a Dunkin' Donuts commercial came on the t.v. hanging overhead. Ahh, the big chocolaty, glazed, deep fried voice of reason.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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