Friday, November 11, 2011

Daylight Savings Schmavings

It doesn't feel like Daylight Savings time so much as it does the Ground Hogs Day, the movie.  I'm taxed. I'm spent. I'm tuckered out. But worst of all...I'm all out of ideas for keeping those children of ours busy. Case in point:

Tuesday, we woke up and ate breakfast. Then we made play dough "things", then cleaned up. Then we got out the crayons and colored until the Wild One started breaking them all. Cleaned that up, got out the markers and colored with those until they started coloring their fingernails. Cleaned that up, baked blueberry muffins and had a tea party. Cleaned that up, and  went upstairs to build towers. Cleaned that up and worked on some puzzles.  When I finally looked at the clock, it was only 10am.

Wednesday, we repeated what we did on Tuesday, but we threw in a trip to the park.

Thursday, we repeated what we did on Tuesday, but we threw in a trip to the YMCA.

Friday, we repeated what we did on Tuesday, but we threw in a trip to the library.

Mess, Wash, Repeat...sixty two times a day.

I'll be hiding in the laundry room pretending to fold clothes, but secretly eating what's left of the candy, if anybody needs me.

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