Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not only the neighbors...but the whole neighborhood.

So, a few hours after Close Encounters Of The Gator Kind, I was due to pick up The Taz from school.  Maggie and I rolled up to school and a mother from the neighborhood shouts "Hey Nikki, Heard you spent some time on top of your car today!"   And she doesn't even know about this blog. (Hard to believe, I know.)

For sure this made me giggle, because now I am famous. And people for blocks and blocks will know me. Sure it's not really cool like "oh she's the mom that always makes the coolest treats for the kids at school." Or being referred to as "you know, that mom that runs behind her kids to school, and have you seen her arms, she must do cross fit."  But it's something. "Yeah. That Mom who was on the roof of her car because she saw a baby gator."

Anyway, thanks to my kind neighbor (whose husband made sure the gator was not under my car, so I could climb down) I now have better pictures to show you of the beast.

Here she comes just a walking down the street.
Singin' "Doo wha diddy, it's your dog that I will eat."

Seriously. This isn't right.


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