Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The neighbor thinks I'm crazy

Picture this.

There's me. In the garage. Minding my own business. I'm cleaning up my work space. I'm sanding. I'm sweating.  

Then I hear something strange. Like a small animal. I see something out of the corner of my eye.

Let me zoom in to show you what I was looking at.

That's right. It's a gator. Only about 4 feet long.  Only my baby is just about 4 feet long.  Luckily she was at school when this went down.

So I did what anyone would do, and I turned around, grabbed my phone and then jumped on the hood of the car to call my husband (right after I got a couple of photos, of course). Upon viewing the phone photos, and getting no answer from Troy, I did what anyone else would do next. I ran inside to grab my real camera. I did have the wherewithal to lock the door behind me...just in case gators grew opposable thumbs since last I studied them.  After grabbing the good camera, I ran back outside and jumped back on the hood of the car.

That's when the neighbor saw me.  On the hood of the car. Crouching kind of weird like; trying not to leave a dent in my go-getter.   He had a weed whip, so I shouted to him "THERE'S A GATOR IN MY YARD!"  As a disclaimer, I did not actually see if the gator came into our yard. because by the time I got back into position, it was gone.  Lucky for me, said neighbor had seen the gator cross the street before it got to our house. So I only looked kind of crazy, and not straight-up-heat-has-fried-her-brain crazy. 

The story is really anti-climactic from here. The neighbor and I did a hot lap around our house- he carrying the weed whip and a brick from a different neighbor's house; and I with my camera - and we found no trace of the gator.  All in all, a very exciting thirteen minutes.

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