Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've been on a hiatus of sorts, mainly because I have been out of sorts. For me anyway.  In retrospect, I may have been spending too much time in my head asking questions:

1. Will that constant pool of snot on Bear Cub's upper lip ever dry out?
2. Why are granny cliques at water aerobics so hard to break into?
3. Will I ever be able to eat an entire meal without having to stop halfway through to deal with fecal matter?
4. Shouldn't having to deal with poopy children midway through dinner every. single. night. somehow help with weight loss?
5. Will the Taz ever go to bed without crying?
6. Will I ever go to bed without crying?
7. Should I put Director of Office Atmosphere on my resume as a job or under special acheivements?

I've only come up with one answer - I need a local friend. Tomorrow I start my search.

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