Friday, October 15, 2010

The search is on...

Much like my search for employement, I believe I may have been going about finding my new local friend base completely in the wrong manner. And now that I have some direction for finding a job from the help of professional job seeker counselors, I am going to apply the same principles to this search of finding a friend as well. 

First you have to assess yourself.

My strengths as a friend:
              I pretend to listen pretty well, giving the other person a feeling of importance
              If there is something delicious in my house, but not enough to share, I will hide it or eat it  
              before a friend visits so they won't know they are missing out

My weaknesses as a friend:
             I am unavailable nights and weekends
             I only like to talk on the phone for 6 - 12 minutes at a time

The next step is to assess your ideal situation.

My ideal friend:
             Has a dog and is willing to bring it to our house a few times a week to "clean the floors" and 
             entertain the children.
             Does not have children of her own so that she can be talked into things more easily
             Is not within her ideal BMI
             Has a vaild driver's license
             Is used to having plans cancelled 1 out of 5 times
             Likes to bake
             Belongs to a book club that rarely ever reads actual books

The next step has something to do with search strategies, but that class isn't until next Tuesday, so until then, I guess I can feel good about making some sort of progress toward my goal.


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