Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preschool Vocabulary

When preschool started this year, I became aware that my little Tazmanian Princess would be learning as much from her new friends as she would from her teacher.  During our first open house tour, a fellow classmate's mother came up to me and asked if I was Rylee's mom. Yes, I say. She says "Rylee taught Nora the funniest thing....Tickle Tickle Cut the Pickle."  I laughed for three reasons:

1. I thought it was funny.
2. She learned it from school and then taught it at school, and I had no knowledge of this new knowledge...which made me nervous.
3. Sometimes I laugh when I get nervous.

I took a deep breath and was thankful that it was still preschool and I would have a few years to research (aka: asking friends on facebook) how to discuss different topics that children will learn about at school and want more information about when they get home. But as with All Things Parenting, things come up before you are ready, and you learn as you go.

When I picked up The Taz from school on Friday, she beamed ear to ear as I was buckling her seat belt.

"Momma, I learned a new word today?"
"Oh yeah? From Ms. Connie?"
"No, from Angelique."
"BUTT HOLE! Bwaa haaaa haaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa"
"Oh honey. Let's not say that."
"What? BUTT HOLE?"
"Yes. It's not a nice word to use."
"I'm gonna tell Dad that BUTT HOLE isn't a nice word when we get home."
"I think he already knows."
"He knows BUTT HOLE isn't a good word to use?"
"Mummble mummble mubbble BUTT HOLE mumbble mummmble."

As so begins our education, hers and mine, with vocabulary.

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  1. umm once my friend (in jr high) called me a her "little french tickler" she had heard it on dumb and dumber but had no clue what it meant.(remember we were christian school kids) Anyway my mom was with us and heard this and kindly told her she didn't know what that meant and that she shouldn't call people that. awww vocab.