Monday, February 6, 2012

Women - Really really good ones

The older I get, (brace yourselves for this mind blowing epiphany) the smarter I get. I am learning that, as a woman, you need to surround yourself with other women. I'd like to take credit for surrounding myself with intelligent, talented, beautiful, funny and spiritual women; but I know better. I've been given these friendships as a gift.  They are my support system to draw inspiration from, be encouraged by, gain strength from, confide in, giggle with, learn from and lean on.

A handful of these beauties write blogs. Not one of them lives within 3 states from me. A few, I haven't seen in over 10 years. But reading their words makes me feel connected. They are My People.

The hoarder in me wants to keep these gems all to myself. To put them in my pocket and carry them around. But the girlfriend in me wants you to know about them so we can talk about how fabulous they are. (ie: Did you see that red bench/table thing Kirsten made last week? Totally, I want one.Yeah, me too.)  So, I have added a little list called My People. You will see:

Land of LA
The Gypsy Hausfrau
Brand New Day
White Butterfly Furniture
Stuff That Happens in My Day

They are funny, honest women with voices that I love to hear.  And hopefully, you'll love them too. For now, if you scroll to the very bottom of this fancy blog, you'll see the section with their links. Not that I don't love them enough to put them front and center, it's just that that takes time to re-organize this thing. Time without small hoodlums smashing their milk cups on your keyboard wondering why you haven't fed them in the last 7 minutes.  Hence the reason I wrote an entire blog about them. A post that took 3 hours. 3 hours I could have used just to put section in an up front, easy to locate spot. C'est la vie.


  1. Thank you so much my friend and back at you. You have always been wise beyond your years. Love that we have our connection here. Lots of love, T.

  2. You're lovely --you were lovely when you let me practice my 4th of July revenge speech on my camp ex-boyfriend 17 years ago and you're lovely now, promoting my blog. I feel so lucky.
    xxoo, M

  3. Aww thanks Nik- I tell people all the time "read this blog- it is funny shit" about your blog (Then I have to apologize for cussing because most of these people I know frown upon that sort of thing) And I might be one of the people you haven't seen for 15 years...and that is just SAD. WAit...I guess that would make me 11 the last time I saw you. Probably have seen you since then...but its been probably 10 years?! 8? Oh hell. Whatever. Point is I miss ya.