Monday, July 2, 2012

Dry Towels

I have dreams about dry towels. A big fluffy folded stack of towels that don't smell like they sat in the washing maching for 6 days before they got switched over to a dryer that never completely gets things all the way dry.

You probably dream about this too.
That is, if have small people who dream they are fish.







And twice on Sunday

We haven't had dry towels in our house since April. 

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  1. Girlfriend. I feel the same way!!! And on top of that my towels are embarassing because they are so worn out. So I went to Marshalls yesterday and stocked up! They have some great deals on pool towels right now! $7.99. Go stock up. Its rough out there. Glad she's swimming so well! And of course, I will see you at swim today.