Friday, June 29, 2012


You know the line from that song "summer time and the livin' is easy...."  Yeah. A Stay At Home Mother of Two Preschoolers did NOT write those lyrics.

What we haven't done in our three short weeks:

been able to find the floor in Maggie's room
brushed our hair
figured out how to make it to swim class on time
figured out how to keep the swimsuits from smelling like wet farts
gone to the science museum
done a short daily "school lesson" to keep from losing all our smarts

It's not like we've been laying around watching t.v. all summer (cough cough). There have been bouts of serious activity. Such as practicing our criminal investigation skills.

Our first case study involved a decapitated mermaid

We found our suspect and after some intense interogation methods (read:waterboarding)
we got our confession

I wanted to wrap this up nicely, but I hear an aerosol can spraying which means one of two things:
We are going to have to repaint our sweet little rental, or the floor will be properly greased to bake cookies on.  Gotta run.

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  1. For sure a mom of preschoolers didn't write those lyrics. I feel I am in much more need of moms night out now than ever before. My swimsuits also smell like wet farts. I wonder if the on Olympic coverage, Matt Lauer can address this and give us some tips.