Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zumba Man

Today, as I was limping out of The Club, I looked over at the Zumba class and saw a man in a wheelchair - right smack in the middle of the craziness. He was rockin' it and spinin' around better than I did on two legs.  He was the real live, adult version of that kid on Glee.

It takes big cojones for a man to go to Zumba class. It takes even bigger cojones to go to Zumba class in a wheelchair.  It takes especially large cojones to be in a wheelchair, and not pick a spot off to the side or at the very back of the class.  This whole scene made me happy. Just seeing him made me want to take the world by the horns.  Ah... to live without fear of....fill in the blank. To put myself out there and do something. To not look at my limitations or hurdles and just go for it.

So what happened next? What did I do with this new found inspiration?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  I got home, passed the pile of dishes in the sink, went to the pantry for a snack and proceeded to ignore the children while I perused Facebook.   Who knows though, maybe it wasn't all lost on me. I mean, it's only 4pm. There's still plenty of day left to spread my wings and take flight.

Or not. I mean really. It's already 4pm.  Carpe Diem? or Carpe Nap'em.  I think we all know where this is going.

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