Monday, June 11, 2012


Isn't funny how your mind flashes back to the weirdest stuff.  My flashback happened as I was zipping up my tennis skort this morning. I happens to zip up the back side:

(insert dreamy wavy screen that indicates we are going back in time approximately 15 years ago)

I was working at a property management company. It was called Property Management Services. Their logo was PMS. Really. Why would I make that up.  Anyway, one day a tenant came in a and needed a copy of his lease.  He was really cute. But also, his roommate had just taken his own life. In the very apartment my employer was renting to him. A messy situation indeed. So, instead of being my normal charming (read: flirty) self, I put on my most serious help-me-help-you face while dealing with him.

He needed some copies of things. I was walking back and forth between he and the copy machine, then back to him then back to the file cabinet. I must have turned my back to him at least 5 times during that encounter.  Each time I returned, he seemed to smile a little bigger at me. So I let down my serious face and returned to my more charming self.

As he left the office, and I returned to my desk, my co-worker/roommate John discreetly informed me that the zipper was down on the back of my skirt.  I think I may have been a little embarrassed. But looking back now, I think I can feel good that I was able to put a smile on someone's face who was probably in a pretty dark place.

This concludes our episode of Flashbacks with Nikki.  See you next time on Maybe I should have been a little more embarrassed.

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  1. About 15 years ago that happened to me. I was working of course because why else would you have on a skirt that zips in the back? I was leaning over my trunk digging out samples and a stranger embarrassed of course, told me my zipper was open. I had on nude hose. I never wore panties with hose. I had to re-think that after that episode.