Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lottery Winner

When My Chef and I were married, I almost botched the ceremony...a couple of times.  The first was when the pastor asked "Will, honor, yada yada yada."  I was thrown off.  Every girl who has ever played out her wedding in her head always answers "I Do."   But our pastor didn't ask "DO you promise?"  He asked "WILL you?"   So I wasn't going to get to say it how I'd been mentally practicing my whole life?  After a short stumble, I got it out. "I WILL."   

The second time I tried to botch the ceremony was when I thought our pastor forgot to say "Kiss the Bride."  So I whispered it to him. A few times.  But that has nothing to do with today's story. So, let's move on.

Anyway, the first year after we were married, we actually took our rings off at night. And each morning, while brushing our teeth,  we put them back on, looked at each other and mumbled through toothpaste foamed mouths "I will."  

Once the children were born and the sleepless nights started, we stopped taking our rings off. Let's face facts, we were lucky if we even remembered to brush our teeth. The less sleep we got, the less we said in the morning. Some days, with our eyebrows in full scowl position, the only thing we grumbled to each other was "love you."  Because we vowed "I WILL love you in crabby-ness and health" or something like that.

Last night was one of those sleepless nights. I'll spare you the details about the crying and yelling and gnashing of teeth.  But what I will tell you is that this morning when I woke up and realized that My Chef had let me sleep in, while he was trying to placate the children and running late for work, that I won the lottery the day I married him.

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