Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out Of Sorts

I found myself out of sorts this week. Yesterday, a friend asked me if something was wrong because I wasn't speaking, just nodding my head. I didn't know I was doing it. I tried to think if anything was wrong. No, nothing out of the ordinary. I shook my head no and carried on with whatever it was that was to be carried on with.  I started a mental inventory. In three minutes I came up with the following:

I hope we sleep through the night more than just the once so far this month.  I wonder if showing up to swim lessons early will help get Maggie adjusted so she doesn't cry the whole time.  I wonder if I should switch Rylee to the advanced swim class. Uhg. I have to get that chocolate stain out of the carpet when we get home. Did I take my vitamins (and by "vitamins", I mean prozac)? Did I give the girls their vitamins?  How long has that load been sitting in the washing machine? I wonder if we'll get to stay in Florida for the next school year? Why can't I eat as much chocolate as I want and still lose weight? Will I ever be able to do one chin up?  Did I say my prayers today? Man, there are a lot of people that need prayer right now.  What are we going to do the rest of the day? I wonder how long I'll have to take the brunt of Rylee's growing pains aggression. Should I start spanking Maggie for sticking her tongue out at me? Speaking of sticking out, both of them need new shoes. I should probably balance the checkbook before we go on a shopping spree. I hope our renters in Minnesota don't up and leave. Or maybe they should?  Is it too soon to send out birthday party invites? Ooh. I have to remember to get bananas. Man, I'm tired.

So today, instead of just wallowing in questions and indecision and to-do lists, I made a choice.  Today, I would make the choice to eat right.  I would fuel my body with things that would give me energy instead of comfort (read: chocolate covered raisins, chocolate ice cream and peanut butter and jelly samiches). My friend suggested a website that has meal plans. The first one sounded disgusting. But I made it anyway.   Salmon Salad Topped with Fruit Salsa and a Side of 12 Grain Toast with Hummus Spread

Turns was pretty.
Pretty delicious too.

What do you do when you are out of sorts? Leave a comment, and I will mail you the rest of the chocolate covered raisins that are in the pantry. (We seldom have give-aways on Seriously, but when we are they good ones.)  

(I wish I hadn't talked so much about the chocolate covered raisins, because now I want to eat the very ones I have promised to those who leave a comment.)

(It's a big bag. Plenty for MA and LA who always leave a remark. I'm hoping they don't like them.)

(Oh for Pete's sake. Leave a comment already so I can get them out of my house.)


  1. Just so you know...I LOVE chocolate covered raisins...but don't you dare send them to ME!!!!!!


    1. MA- Lucky winner! I knew I could count on you.

      PS- How cute was Emmaus' smash cake picture! Love that chubs.

  2. P.S.
    when I am out of sorts I, also, eat chocolate...or cry...or take a pain killer IF I am out of sorts AND in pain! What I should (and really do try to do) is walk the dog!

  3. I don't like raisins, but love you friend!

    1. Oh Helga. Just seeing your name puts a smile on my face.

  4. There must be something in the air or the moon is off kilter or something! I too am feeling out of sorts. Maybe it is not having the school schedule, maybe it is that my house has not been actually clean in 3 weeks, maybe it is that my dogs stink so bad I am now trying to see if they can get enough dirt on them that their fur coats will turn a different color, maybe it is the what feels like 100's of doctor appointments we have had at this house just for regular body maintanence, IDK. But it is bad right now. I told my husband last night I think I am depressed. But what I really meant is, "can I go on a shopping spree and also hire a cleaning lady?" What do I do when I am out of sorts? I used to run. Now I do nothing. Literally nothing. But that has to stop today. The bed sheets are dirty and my daughter is bored. So I am going to up my dose of my "vitamins" and have at it today. Bleach is coming out, credit cards are flying and dogs are getting hosed down! Hopefully by the end of the day I will be ready to tackle that 101 Sun Salutations that I want to do on the steps of city hall in downtown Winter Garden at sun down!!