Friday, December 14, 2012

5 signs I'm no longer hip and / or cool

Disclaimer: It was never actually determined that I was, at one point in time, in fact, ever hip and / or cool.  But, should I have ever been delusional enough to think so, that bubble has been burst. Here is a list of proof:

1. I spent more time and money at JoAnn Fabrics last month than I did any and all social activities.  How do I know? Because the more you go there, the more coupons you get.

2. My most recent brush with fame was meeting the guy who plays Jesus at a place called "The Holy Land Experience".

3. My last four shoe purchases were sneakers. Oooh laa laa.

4. I could not pick The Situation out in a line-up, but can tell you the history of this book.

5.  I like to enter drawings on other blogs for kitchen appliances. Come on Pioneer Woman, when are you going to offer up an immersion blender?!

6. A bonus (because I said 5 signs, but let's face facts, there's lots more):


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