Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello, Anybody There?

So last night, my leading man says "Your Father-In-Law says that your readers are wondering if you're ever going to write a new post."  To which I replied "well do I have a story for them, and it's even true."

The week of Thanksgiving, I was taking the girls to an indoor trampoline place. It was cold for Florida, about 40-something degrees.  The road I was driving was a major county road, and the incident which I am about to describe took place about 5 miles away from any residential areas. The time was 8:45am.

So, as I mentioned, I was driving, and there walking along side of the road, was a shirtless man, in flip flops and a kilt.

As you can imagine, my thoughts just spun out of control with questions. Was he coming from a party? Was he going TO a party? Is he from a colder climate, making 40 degree weather feel balmy? Is he really Irish or Scottish? Did his girlfriend just break up with him? Isn't he too old to be in a fraternity? Are there any other distinguishing attributes I should try to remember in case I see a story about him on the news? Is this a prank gone awry?

This small incident has kept me so occupied mentally, that I have forgotten to write on this blog. But, faithful readers - take heart, now that it's off my chest, I can get back to telling you about the really important stuff, like how Rylee keeps asking who she gets to be the boss of.   Stay tuned. More to come. Over and Out...but just for today.

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