Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best Christmastime Voicemail Ever

I pressed "play" on a voicemail from one of my favorites this morning. What you are about to read is a true story, and in my opinion the makings for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Part Deux.

"Rue? It's Roo.  Guess what I did.  I hung Christmas lights on the house. And you know what? The goats got ahold of them and tore them off the house, chewed up some of the bulbs and drug them across the yard. Now the lights don't even work. (giggling) But I don't even care, because those stupid goats were probably like "hey look at these pretty lights, I bet they are delicious" and then once they started munching on them they got a little zap, then tried to scurry off with them.   Hey, you know what? Goats are allowed in residential areas, so you should get one...but no, you'll need two because they're pack animals. Anyway, they're super sweet.  Love ya Rue. Talk to you later Rue. Merry Christmas Roo."

Suspected Christmas Light Vandal
AKA: Tom the Goat

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