Friday, July 15, 2011

The Boutique

I was at The Boutique today and saw a women with SIX kids. All of them calling her mommy. All of them eating a piece of fruit while she calmly told them to stop munching until they hit the check out line. All of them under 10 years old.

She looked well balanced. She looked sane. Sure, her hair wasn't brushed; but she wouldn't get any odd looks from me on that count. She looked calm. It was hard to see from my point of view, but it didn't look like her shoulders were tensed up and I did not see any signs of an eye twitch.

I almost stopped her to ask her who her doctor was. But then I didn't want to have to explain that I wasn't looking for an OB/GYN but rather the doctor who prescribed her "copers."  Seriously. No mother takes SIX children to The Boutique and walks around like it's a day in the park. 

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  1. I used to take 5 when I babysat. But they weren't all under 10 and the bigger ones really helped with the little ones. I also found a birch rod kept them in line. I had a magic purse like Hermione and could put that birch rod in the purse and it'd disappear. But the kids knew it was there. All I'd have to do was shake the purse at them and they fell right in line. Snap!