Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, did you see the news coverage about the guy who "attacked" Rupert Murdoch during his hearing? Yes, a man named Jonnie Marbles (you can't make this stuff up) rushed after Rupert with a pie tin full of whip cream.

The news articles so far haven't really delved into Mr. Marbles motivation; and as he is still in jail, we don't really know what he was thinking. But if I were a reporter, and got the pleasure of the first interview, these are the questions I would have written on my note card:

1. Mr. Marbles, is that really your name? (I'd start off with the really probing questions first. Imagine eyebrows cocked.)
2. I read that you are a comedian.  Was your "weapon" of choice a prop from your routine?
3. Were you sitting around in your flat (I'd say flat instead of apartment because he's from across the pond) when you came up with your master plan? Or did you devise this plan after being paid in beer for a stand-up routine?
4. Do you normally handle your outrage with slapstick?

I think that's all I'd really ask him, but I'd wrap up my commentary on the subject with a few questions of my own for the public. What would our world be like if all "violence" committed on one another was handled with a pie to the face? That's the kind of world I want to live in. That's the kind of world where I would read the paper and turn on the news.

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