Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

You know how you see movie previews and trailers for months before a show comes to the theaters; and then all of your friends see it before you do because you're lame? Then the movie gets all this hype about being super funny, so you decide not be so lame and find a sitter so you can get out this quarter. Then you go see the movie and you wonder what the big deal was because, sure you chuckled, but you've laughed harder reading birthday cards at the grocery store? That's kinda how I felt about dropping Rylee off for her first day of "school." 

I've been reading for the last several years about how parents felt taking their kids to school on the first day. How emotional it is to hit this milestone. I was ready for today; I brought tissues. I think My Chef was kind of feeling it too because he called 10 minutes before we left the house to wish her a happy first day.  But, on the way there the only emotion I was feeling was...elation?

There I was, in my "station wagon", taking my first born to school. She was asking me when soccer practice was starting. I scrolled through my mental calendar of play dates and doctor appointments to come up with an answer for her.  That's when it hit me. I have arrived. I'm a Stay At Home Soccer Mom and I like it. It feels good.  This is what it must feel like to those climbing the corporate ladder to finally move from a cubicle to an actual office with a door. I felt like I got a promotion to a job I didn't apply for and certainly didn't know I wanted.

As we walked into the classroom, other parents were standing around the perimeter of the room assessing their child's adjustment. I knew if I stood around too, she would act the part and try to be needy. So, Maggie and I took a quick picture, kissed our girl goodbye, and scooted out the door with a promise to return as soon as Maggie was done napping. With a quick glimpse back, I could see she would be just fine. She was beaming from ear to ear, toting a brand new back pack (albeit, sans rubber chicken) and wearing her favorite dress (with purple tennis shoes, much to my chagrin). 

No Hallmark moment, no teary eyes, just a blurry picture to commemorate our milestone. Happy first day of school big girl.

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  1. our first day for Andy (last year) went pretty much like that as well. I felt like there should be more boo-hooing or something. I think maybe because he had been there last year...and had been going to daycare all those years.

    Heather G