Monday, August 29, 2011

More about Dirty Windows with and UPDATE

UPDATE:  I had a short conversation today that leads me to believe I was not very clear with my thoughts on thought thinking and window cleaning. Some may argue that when you read the post below you may infer that My Mudda does not have thoughts and therefore cleans a mean window. Others, however, may read the below post and infer that My Mudda would think her thoughts WHILE cleaning her windows because she is very organized and should probably have her own blog about time management.

Since many of you do not know My Mudda, I will have to tell you emphatically, it is the latter.  She's an excellent multi-tasker. (My earliest recollection of her trying to instill this skill was shortly after she taught me to shave my legs. "Now Nikki, First you get the shampoo in your hair, then you shave one leg. After one leg, you rinse your hair and put conditioner in. While the conditioner sets in, shave the other leg."  I guess I was taking a long time in there doing first the steps for my hair, then my legs.)  And everyone knows that an excellent multi-tasker would think her thoughts WHILE she washed her windows.

Anyway.  I haven't washed those dang windows yet. I did however buy the fixin's for my pie today.  So there's that.


The part of me that is my mother, the mother who believes that the saying "cleanliness is next to godliness" is actually written in the bible, wants to clean those darn windows today.

I will not be posting "after" pictures. Because, let's face facts, the part of me that let those windows get that dirty because I, unlike my mother, was thinking thoughts instead of cleaning, when I should have been thinking those thoughts while I was cleaning, will probably be thinking about the Apple Bacon Brie pie that I plan on making later this week while trying to clean those darn windows. And everyone knows that to get really dirty windows to gleam, you have to have either A) determination or B) a little bit of the anger.

Currently, I have neither. 

I used up just the tiniest bit of road rage from this morning to get the toilets done.

I will however post pictures of the Apple Bacon Brie pie that I've been dreaming about later this week...if I get around to it.

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