Friday, September 2, 2011

Ta Da!!! The Apple Bacon Brie Pie

I don't know if it's been apparent or not, but I've had a certain dessert on my mind for the past week.

I cooked up some bacon this morning for my wee ones.
Rylee ate the entire pan on the right.
I gave a few strips of bacon to Maggie, and then saved the rest for my pies.

In that bowl: two cut up apples, some maple syrup drizzled, some sugar, some flour, 5 strips of bacon cut up.

Since this is not a cooking blog, I don't feel bad telling you that I don't remember the name of these little dishes.
But, for the "crust" I used croissant dough, the kind the Dough Boy makes. I did spray those little suckers with some Pam first.
The stuff in the little yellow cup = bacon grease.

Before I wrapped up the "pies", I topped them off with some chunks of brie.

Once all that delicious stuff was bundled up nice and neat, I brushed some bacon grease on the top.

I probably should have worn a hair net.

This is how it looked in the end.

I got a little fancy with this one.

The croissant dough made it less of a pie and more of a "brunch" item.
Whatever that means.

In the end, it was delicious and I hope My Chef likes it because that's what's for dinner tonight.


  1. NUMMMMMMMY! Seriously. :-) I am salivating. Why didn't you cook like this when we lived together??

  2. OOoh... sounds yummy! Nikki, they're called ramekins.

  3. yes, ramekins...these look delicious! And may I also say you are looking mighty thin in this been dieting???