Thursday, September 15, 2011


I may have mentioned before, my past transgressions of stealing other people's thunder on their birthday. Today, I realized that this is not a character flaw, but actual genetic coding.

This afternoon, while The Taz was at school and Bear Cub was napping, I wrapped a birthday present. The birthday girl is a new classmate of The Taz's. Her party is Saturday. I was feeling quite The Mother having said present wrapped TWO days early!

I was just going upstairs to find a bow for this little gift when Bear Cub woke up from her nap. We snuggled and talked about how nice it is to wake up together. Soon I had forgotten what I had headed upstairs for and the fact that I left a very pretty present on the kitchen counter.

I headed to the bathroom. Normally Bear Cub waits outside the door for me...or inside the door, or opens and closes the door a hundred times. It took a minute to register that my room was quiet. I headed downstairs knowing what I would find.

There she was singing Happy Bir Day Mahgee to herself and unwrapping a present for a girl named Bella.  As if I needed any more proof than the stretchmarks she gave me. Bear Cub is totally my baby.

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