Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When I turned 30 (or maybe it was 28...or 31...oh, who cares) my girlfriend and I were talking about where we were in life. We giggled, saying things like: "Did you ever think we'd be home owners?" "Did you ever think I would leave that job?" "Did you ever imagine I'd date that guy?"  It was fun to spend time seeing how things changed and achieving dreams that we secretly never thought we'd accomplish.

I still like to look back, only now I make My Chef go there with me. Birthdays, Anniversaries and New Year's he knows I'll be asking him what his favorite part of the year was, or what he liked best about being a dad, or what he has learned. Then he asks me the same.  We've had a lot of times recently to have these conversations with it being My Chef's birthday and our One Year in Floriday anniversary.

It's also been A WHOLE YEAR since I started writing this blog.  I looked back to see what my first post was about. I described the trauma of putting a 3 year old to bed. I wish I could say that "phase" was a short one, but up until two months ago, it was still a nightmare. Thankfully, things have changed in that department. Now we have to keep an eye on her so that she doesn't fall asleep before dinner. Under her bed.

If I were to ask myself a question in the "Did you ever imagine..." category, the answer would be: No, I never imagined that I would actually use a gym membership for an entire year. I have however paid for memberships in the past for that long. And as a follow up answer to the next logical question: Yes, I did imagine that my arms would at least look a little less puny after using said gym for said length. But no, they look pretty much the same.

My BEFORE picture
(with tuff bruise)

(Nicely shaven armpits)

Some might ask why I have so many pictures of my arms. And I would tell those people that occasionally I like to send intimidating emails to friends about  taking them down at future arm wrestling contests. Some things, thankfully, will never change. Sending stupid emails with pictures of my armpits is one of them.

One year ago, I was also desperately looking for a job.  Now I see that even though it wasn't one I wanted at first, it's the job I am supposed to be doing. Learning from and about, teaching, laughing, and loving on these two.

A Whole Year
A Good Year

Thanks for reading about it all.

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