Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There's Glitter Everywhere

Last year, I made a promise to myself and my children that I would put just a hair more effort into the holidays this year.  That we would get into the spirit of things by putting up those window cling skeletons and actually carve our pumpkins.

Well, it's a tad too early for the pumpkins.
But a few days ago, because it was raining non-stop,
because I couldn't bear to go to The Club one more day,
because My Chef was out of town for three whole days...

We bought our halloween costumes.

We entered The Boutique with the full intention of purchasing pirate costumes. The Taz had been talking about being Pirate Izzy and Daddy would be Captain Hook and Maggie could be Cubbie. All from Jake and the Neverland Pirates cartoon. I apparently was going to have to duke it out with her BFF for the role of Mr. Smee.

But then,
we entered the store
and there were dresses
they were shiny and had pearls on them
and tiara's and wands
and no,
they never wanted to be pirates
they'd always wanted to be
and yes,
Maggie needs the same exact dress
and WINGS!
everyone knows princesses have wings

And everyone knows The More, The Merrier
So we had an impromptu princess par-tay.

And everyone knows that princesses need mice to turn into horses to pull thier coach....

And since they got glitter everywhere, I turned into the Wicked Witch and made the wee-est one do chores.

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