Friday, October 28, 2011

Wicked Little Sweet Tooth

If I were a dog, I would NOT be the kind of dog that you could put it's entire day's worth of food out in a dish and expect there to be any left for a mid morning snack.  I would be the kind of dog that you'd have to ration out each meal, and limit it's treats to only after it went for a walk or after letting the kids tug on it's ears without biting them.

That's why I put all that Halloween candy in a bag on top of the fridge. That's also why I tied a knot on the bag. Because I'm the kind of dog that can't self-ration. If I didn't tie a knot in the bag, do you know what would happen? I do. It'd go like this:

At first, I would just open it once and take one little fun sized bar. That'd be it. I'd knot the bag back up and put it on top of the fridge.

Then I'd come back ten minutes later and take just one more fun sized bar, but in a different flavor.

Then three minutes later, I'd come back and grab one of each flavor, and keep one on the counter so I wouldn't have to un-knot the bag again.

Then two minutes later, I'd come back and grab two pieces of candy and leave the bag open.

Next thing you know, I've thrown caution to the wind and the bag of candy is in my lap and I'd unwrap the next candy before the first one is even chewed up.

Theoretically speaking of course, that's what could happen.

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  1. Lol!! Sara & I were just saying the same thing. I tried to eat an orange today instead and thought maybe it would satisfy my sweet tooth. Oh no! I need someone to come and remove "it" from the house. :-)