Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crunchy Sandwich

The other day, in an effort not to have yet another well balanced lunch tossed in my face while listening to The Taz say "this meal is disgusting", I actually asked my well mannered (cough cough) preschooler what she would like for lunch.

Her: You know those crunchy sandwiches you make with cheese in 'em?
Me: A grilled cheese sandwich?
Her: YES! Those.

We discussed other various things that needed to happen before she headed downstairs for lunch
(wipe the booger off of her cheek, put on pants, maybe some socks). Then as I was halfway down the hall, she yells, not unlike Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers (MA, The MEATLOAF):


There are now two things in this world that make me feel like a really good mom. The first is cutting out Box Tops. Sure, I take the kids to the doctor regularly, read to them religiously, make sure they play with their friends. I try to let them be kids and go wild, try to stimulate their creativity with crafts and projects, give them delicious gummy vitamins every morning and get regular baths so they aren't the smelly kids on the block.  But for some reason, every time I cut out one of those pink stamps and put it into a little baggie hanging in the pantry, I think "Man. I have the potential to be really good at this some day."  I don't know why.

And now, my sweet girl thinks that I invented The Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I have introduce to her something she loves to eat. Something she knows she can trust if she's out to eat without me and doesn't know what to order. Something I can make after she's had an exhausting day at the park, fighting then making up and fighting a little more with her friends. Something that on cold and rainy Fall days in college will bring her comfort and remind her of her Momma and how much her momma loves her.

Just imagine what Box Tops on slices of American Cheese could do for my self-esteem.


  1. This is exactly how I feel about those noodles with butter, velveeta and diced tomatoes. Do you remember when I made it for you and Jesse? Every time I feel down or sick...I make that because my Mama made it for me OR an egg sandwich...like Dad used to make. :-) Love!

  2. I really like this post. My son can't seem to get enough grilled cheese sandwiches right now. And it really boosts my self-esteem as a mother every time I cut out a box top. Now, I haven't actually turned any in yet....but, you know, the fact that I cut it says a lot.

  3. Just turned in 133 box tops for Andy...i was all like "ha..look at how many MY kid turned in"...of course they went in his backpack and he handed them over.