Thursday, January 26, 2012

TPNHL: Gator Watch

If you're me
with the initials NH
and your BFF
has the initials TP
and when you hang out you call it "League" night
because that's funny
because neither of you likes sports,
then you'd want to be just like all the majors
and refer to your time together as

Yesterday I got to combine my two favorites:
TPNHL and Gator Watch.

We were very lucky.
Here's a recap of our sighting:

"Tracy! Look! Do you see it?"

"OMGeeee. Let's get a picture."

"It's hard to see on my phone. Let's go home and get the camera."

"After this, do you want to go to Target?"
"Bed Bath and Beyond if there's time?"

"We probably shouldn't own a detective agency."
"Or a diner. Or do any type of food service for that matter."
"I'd do a bakery."
"Yea, yea. Me too."

"Look at him."
"He's a biggun."
"Let's go get my purse. I don't think we have any chocolate in the house."

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