Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And I was runnning. (Said in my best Forest Gump voice)

Recently I have been thinking about approaching Forty Years Old.  I don't know when it started, but I think someone asked me how old I was and I responded with "32."  Only then I remembered that I had to give my actual age because I was speaking "on record" (could have been a doctor? I can't remember) and not just how old I feel.  So when I said 37 and 1/4, it kind of didn't feel right.

Forty is going to be here any minute and I want to mark it with some sort of ....victory?  So I got this crazy idea in my head that I should set some big goal.  A goal that would take me 2 3/4 years to reach. Since I just completed my first ever biathlon, (a very mini one = 5k plus a 400 yard swim) and could still walk the next day, I thought maybe, just maybe, I should shoot for doing a full fledged triathlon.

So there it is. My big plan. To go from on-the-verge-of-frumpy, late 30's, mother of two, to (insert super-hero-sounding Dun Dunna Na!) Athlete.

My first step is to complete a 10k.  I am signed up for one in the middle of February. In the process, I also need to drop about 14 pounds that I seemed to have gained in the last 10 months. (Curse you chocolate covered raisins and fig newton cookies!)   The only way I know how to go about this is to come up with a plan (courtesy of Hal Higdon and Weight Watchers) and then track my progress.

I am making this public as a means of keeping accountable. Also, to help anyone who might want to join me (cough cough, hint hint - Aida Urteaga). So, if you are interested in this sort of deal, then check in on Mondays. I will write about the past week's meal plan, exercise schedule and (gulp) weight loss progress. 

That being said, today's plan includes a short run....so I'm off for now.

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