Monday, October 1, 2012


Ok, listen. In recent weeks I have been a little leery when my Tazmanian Princess has mentioned being "on love" with a boy named Ian. First of all, when I asked if he was funny, she said "no." Strike One.  Second, she came home last week with a note from the teacher that said she had a hard time following directions. Her response to my inquiry was this "Well, Ian was sticking his tongue out at me, it was really cute, but I had to push it back into his mouth, so that's when I got on the warning line."  Strike Two.

Now come to find out, this Ian is the same Ian that was in her pre-kindergarten class who was out of school last year, for over a week, because he broke his arm. AND, come to find out some more, Ian who "broke" his arm was really out because he found his grandpa's gun and SHOT himself in said arm. Strike Three.

You can imagine my relief when we were at the pool this weekend and Rylee started playing with a boy named Jonah. After ten minutes of water races The Taz whispers in my ear. "What's his name? I'm in love with him."   Ah Jonah, who lives in Pennsylvania and is only here for 3 more days and has never shot himself in the arm. You, sweet Jonah, have my approval.

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  1. Oh no!! Thank you for the laugh this Monday morning. Can't wait until she is 13! xo