Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Brushing is Overrated

Just quietly between me and all of you...I haven't been whole-heartedly looking for a new j.o.b.  The first few weeks we were here, I was on the job search sites all day. And now, not so much. It's depressing.  I had the ideal set-up all laid out in my head. I would get a cute little part time job to support having the children in daycare, then I would spend the other time doing something creative.

I saw an on-line ad for part-time help at a golf shop pro-shop. Perfect. This kind of gig is right up my alley. I drive out to the course to do some re-con. I look around. It's your typical pro-shop.  The guy at the counter is all smiles as I ask him about the course. Then I tell him that I see they are looking for part-time help. His smiles turn to pursed lips as he curtly gives me the website where I can apply.  I smile back and tell him I am aware of said website and that I just wanted to see what kind of people work there. I drive away from the pro-shop wondering why I even brushed my hair. Seriously, in this humidity, it takes a long time to get a brush through this mess.

I get home and go back to the job search sites.  I look at what's available for part time gigs close to our house. They are all retail stores. I try to imagine myself in each atmosphere. I see myself getting yelled at for punching in ten minutes late by some kid with an inflated ego because he made it to shift supervisor before he outgrew acne. I get depressed.  Later that day I find myself in one of the retail stores advertising for help and I overhear the following conversation between two co-workers:

Dude: That's why I am going to start carrying a gun in my car.
Lady: Yeah? So someone can break in a steal it?
Dude: That's why I'm going to hide it under the seat.

This short exchange was enough to send me straight into a job-search depression tailspin. I am starting to feel like it may be harder to get a job than it is to get a Florida driver's license (that's a whole other story.)

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