Friday, September 17, 2010

To Do List

I have a daily to-do list. I make little boxes to check off the items I've done. It makes me feel productive. Which is extremely important right now, since I do not have a so-called "job". It also helps me figure out how I'm going to lay my day out.  Here's today's to-do list:

- Drop off The Taz
- Get Bear Cub last immunization
- Bake my One True Love a birthday cake
- Buy new area rug for living room
- Pick up The Taz from school

I have a very. full. day.

I also have a mental to-do list that never actually makes it on paper. It's kind of like a cross between a Bucket List, a list of New Year's Resolutions and a Wish List.  This list has never been in print for several reasons : A) What if someone read it and got all judgy and I had to go explaining myself. I really hate being on the defensive. B) If it's in print, then I'll feel the need to get that little box checked off and if I don't, it could adversly affect my self esteem. and C.) I am a little bit flaky, no, inconsistent, no, flaky ...whatever... and I change my mind on what's important on "the list". For these reasons, I am only going to put out there what has been checked off on my Bucket/Resolution/Wish list.

- Get married - Honestly, there was a 7 year period in my life that I thought Armagedon would happen before I knew what it was like to hear "you may now kiss the bride." Could you imagine if this ever made it to an actual piece of paper? And someone stumbled upon it. There's me, a single gal, with a sheet of paper laying around that said "Get Married."  A certain Eagles song comes to mind.

- Have children - Honestly, there was a 10 year period in my life when I thought I would never hear the words "momma" come from a small mini-me.  You know, you play with fire for so long and never actually get burnt, then you start to think you are fireproof. KnowwhatImean?

- Learn to cook. This is a work in progress, I can now cook a chicken breast without a) the fear of giving the children E.coli. or b) it being so dry it is physically impossible to swallow it.

- Reconnect with family that I haven't seen/talked to in years. Check. Thank you Facebook. I love facebook. And I feel like maybe facebook loves me back. Is that wrong? Maybe.

- Start a Blog. Check.

I'm sure there's more....there's got to be more.  See, this is exactly the problem with not writing things down. Going over my big BRW List looks like I have been more productive just today baking a cake and picking up area rugs than with my big life picture stuff. For that reason alone, I am going to put ONE thing down on paper (virtual paper that is) that is on my BRW List.

- For one year, write a personal note every single day to a friend or family member. 

I love real mail. Both sending and receiving it. At first I thought, I don't think I know 365 people to send a different person a real piece of mail everyday. But then, looking at my facebook account, sure enough. I do know 365 people. But surely I don't know all of thier addresses. OR maybe I'll pick my favorite 31 people and write them once a month. But then I guess the short months the last few people on the list will kind of get the shaft. This is exactly why this thought has never made it to paper, virtual or otherwise. Seriously.

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