Friday, April 8, 2011

Detective Handeland At It Again.

As of today, I am officially naming myself as the Unofficial Neighborhood Watch Captain. Here's why.

A few hours ago, as I was putting down a new rug in our living room (much lighter color = not as easy to see cracker crumbs = less vacuuming = happy lady) and rearranging the furniture; I heard a neighbor's security alarm go off. I assumed it was my neighbor Alice's alarm as she sets hers off multiple times a week. But two seconds later, aforementioned Alice calls from Barnes and Nobles to see if I want her to pick up a book that we had been discussing. 

Since the alarm was still going off when I hung up with Alice, I also ruled out it being Neighbor Tricia's alarm. Neighbor Tricia also likes to keep her alarm on during the day, while she's at home, and forgets she has it set when she goes out to check the mail. But, Neighbor Tricia has a wee one, so if her alarm was going off, she'd be sure to reset it quickly. After all, it is nap time.

Now I had a real mystery on my hands. After delving into the situation (by looking out the window) I could see the outside alarm lights (pretty fancy) going off a few houses down. By now, the alarm had been going off well over 3 minutes. As is state law, they can only go off for 5 minutes. Then, if the perp exits a different door, the alarm can go off again, for another 5 minutes.

Now I get my hairy eyeball out and scan the street. No suspicious cars. No men running down the sidewalk with loot bags and ski masks. No, nonchalant kid trying to act cool by looking up at the sky and whistling while lugging a 52 inch plasma t.v. down the middle of the street. The alarm goes quiet. Two minutes later the alarm starts screeching again. I am on high alert. I get my camera out and set up, perched by the window. Nothing happens. Five minutes later the alarm quiets down again.  I wait for the police to arrive, ready to let them know that I saw nothing. I would also stress that I do not have a clear view of the North side of the house nor the back yard. I am sure my notations would point the investigation in the right direction.

But the PoPo never showed. No cruiser, no unmarked Crown Vic.  The safety of the 8 houses I have a good view of, remains solely in my hands.  It is a stressful job, especially since I also have taken over Gator Watch out back.  Not to worry though, I am enlisting help on that front.

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