Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It happened. I finally had my first gator sighting. And now that I've seen one, I keep seeing them all over our development. Well, except for today, because it is really rainy and apparently, they don't come out when it's raining. Which is a total bummer because the only shot I have is not very good. Here it is:

Since I don't have one of those fancy applications for drawing circles on pictures and whatnot, I'll just have to explain that the gator's head is just left of the circle ripple. It looks kinda like a stick. It is not a stick. I know this because I have never seen ducks fly away in a mad flurry trying to save their lives from a stick.

Because I am proactive, I have taken measures to ensure this gator stays in the pond and away from our patio. I'm not sure how Maggie will feel about my putting her puppy out there, but she'll have to deal with it because it's the only toy in the house that barks.

Also, I have called My Mudda and she will do two things:

A. Pray, like it's her full time job, that my babies will not end up as a tasty dinner for said gator.

B. She has also promised to set perched on the back patio, shotgun in hand, ready to protect our homestead. Which is quite sweet considering she has only ever shot a gun once, at an NRA event for women that she doesn't even know how she ended up at, only to come home with more stories about the varieties of meats and cheeses they offered on the lunch buffet.  Anyway, all I have to do is give the word, and she's on a plane.

And now I am off to research the eating/roaming habits of gators. After I am done with that, I am calling the people that hunt these suckers, give them my address and tell them it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

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  1. yah that pond/ area of water is WAYYYYY to close to your house. Hope little fake puppy does the trick, but can you take video of Judy with the shotgun?- assuming she has to come protect the homestead.