Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday's List

Tuesday's List:

Reason's I may need a hobby:

1. The second most interesting thing that happened to me today was when a granny at The Club ask me to help her put on sunscreen today.  You're right. It's not very interesting. We did not even have a slightly humorous conversation, which made it a bit awkward to tell the truth. And that is reason number one, why it would be a good idea to have a hobby. So I have some better material to share with you.

2. I have decided to start calling the YMCA "The Club" because it sounds fancier. I have time to think about things like this because I do not have a current hobby.

3. It's not that I haven't tried to get a hobby. Once, I dreamt of finding old furniture and turning it into shabby chic stuff for kids' rooms.  I got as far as priming a little rocking chair. After that, I was going to re-do a set of coffee tables.  I almost don't want to admit that there is a headboard somewhere in the garage too that's supposed to match the rocking chair.

4. The most exciting thing that happened today was on the drive home from The Club.
I saw this thing, drove the two blocks home to get my camera and drove back (with Bear Cub in the safety of the car).  It occurred to me, as I stood on the far side of the pond, all alone, no one else taking pictures, that this very event is not really all that eventful to the majority of the people that live in my neighborhood.  If it were, for the love of Steve Irwin, I would not have been the only person, jaw dropped, taking photos.

Maybe I don't need a hobby. Maybe I just need a better camera. Doesn't it look like he's got "lunch" in his gullet?

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  1. I love the chair. I have a couple furniture projects as well. Just need to get them done.