Friday, April 1, 2011

Number 100

This is my 100th blog. I saw it approaching earlier in the week and thought to myself:
"I should make it a good one."

Well, it's not. Sorry.

After an entire week, the only noteworthy thing that happened was my discovery of this:

I found it on the floor in the playroom.

I did not have a pair of rubber glubs (as The Taz calls them) so I had to scoop it up with a page from a suduko book. As you can see, the last time I was doing said puzzles, I remembered some things I needed from The Boutique.


What's noteworthy about this, is not that I spent a good 12 minutes staring at the thing, from across the room before picking up, trying to decipher if it was or was not poop, and if it was who done it and if it was not, what was it.


What's noteworthy is that I discovered it before we have friends over tomorrow night. That's right. FRIENDS!
One of my co-workers (treadmill number 8 and also back row of Tot-time at the YMCA) is bringing her family over tomorrow night for some pizza.

So, my discovery, of what turned out to be a very old, very forgotten about banana, just upped my odds of not scaring off my third new local friend.


  1. I held my breath the entire time while I was reading for fear that it might be you know what!

  2. Oh and BTW - congrats on the friends and 100th RUE!